What's happening in Ljubljana: May 27 through June 2, 2019

What's happening in Ljubljana: May 27 through June 2, 2019

If you are not in the week of this guide (May 27 - June 2, 2019) in the city, you will see all editions here, and if there is any event you would like to promote in a future edition in Ljubljana, please contact me at flanner (at) total-slovenia -news.com or try to find me on Facebook. & nbsp; As always, the venue links are after the following choices ...

From Friday to Sunday, the annual Znanstival Science Street Festival takes place in the city center and in Hisha Experimentov. It's a lot of fun, the schedule is here and you can read more about the background here.

The Ljubljana Gin Festival Brin reaches Križanke on Saturday (June 1) from noon to midnight with 14 Slovenian gin (and some foreign), cocktails, food and more, as detailed here. Slovenia has a long tradition of producing juniper berries as well as spirits made from juniper berries, so it's worth looking into whether a good G&T is right for you.

Here you can read about all the cinemas in the city. Below is a selection of films from this week. Note that children's films are usually shown in dubbed versions, while older viewers' films in other languages ​​will have Slovenian subtitles. Parents should also pay attention to Kinobalon, which is the usual weekend movie screening and event series for kids from infant up to special parents / children events, "first time in the cinema" screenings and babysitting. You can find more information here and the current schedule here.

In the cinema - and not far from Kinodvor, you can find this revitalizing cinema, which shows the classics of the Art House with some deep diving in the archives.

The multiplex offered by Kolosej - BTC City Mall shows all the major movies, with plans for well over a dozen titles, although note that there are many more movies than screens, so some parents may play movies once or twice a week.

Compared to some European capitals, it may seem that Ljubljana's nightlife ends fairly early, especially along the river, but there are still bars open late and clubs where you can dance till dawn, and perhaps the best place to hit something interesting is the legendary Metelkova. Keep in mind that this is an apple spot, and not for all tastes, but also that there is a huge variety of clubs to choose from, from chasing metal to electropop, from homecare to artificial wall. You can read the "rules" of the place here. And if you're wondering how this place started, read our story and take a look at some pictures of last year's 25th anniversary.

Koncertna Dvorana Rog - This underground (not literally) hall at the end of the Trubarjeva cesta has irregular DJ sets and ranges from techno goo to drum'n'bass.

Gledališče IGLU - IGLU Theater - On Saturday night, this group usually organizes an English-language improvisation somewhere in the city, but it is generally advertised after it is written, so check Facebook before putting on your shoes.

Ljubljana Puppet Theater - The Puppet Theater has a long and noble tradition in Slovenia and features performances (including non-puppet shows) for children and adults, drawing on the theatrical richness of the theater, as well as new products.

Drogart is an organization that aims to minimize party damage and provides drug testing services and reports on its website. It's in Slovene, but you can translate it into Google or design things yourself, and the story of our group is here. Here you will find the latest alerts for counterfeit medicines and high-strength pills and powders (in Slovenian). Note, however, that all common drugs are illegal in Slovenia. However, CBD is legal and our chosen retailer can be found at Trubarjeva cesta - read more about Sena Flora here.

Here is our list of the 12 best things to do with Ljubljana children. If you want to read more about the philosophy behind the wonderful experiment house, check it out here, while our trip to the Illusion Museum is documented here and there are always riverside walks, pizza and ice cream. For the latter, check out our guide to six places that offer good ice cream in the winter and who take this dessert seriously.

Mini Theater Ljubljana - During the season there are many puppet announcements for children in a theater far from Križanke in Slovenia. The monthly English schedule is here.

Ljubljana Puppet Theater - The puppet theater near the central market and near the funicular of the castle has a full program or shows for children and adults, with a schedule here.

If you want to know more about Ljubljana Pride, check out our President's interview here. If you are looking for more general links to "gay Slovenia", including scene history and various projects, you can find it here, our community stories here.

Club Tiffany - and the adjacent bar - are also open on Fridays, while every Monday until June 2019 there is 6pm. Other things may also be planned, so click to find out the name.

Pritličje - It seems to be the only "always open" LGBT-friendly cafe / bar / event venue in the city and maybe in the countryside, so it's good to see it open from morning to night with leaflets and posters to let you know about what's going on outside the general interest web-based guide ...

The main attraction of the city is said to be the biggest tourist attraction of the whole country, and in my opinion, it deserves a place close to the peak for its history and views. But besides, the current owners, the city of Ljubljana, have put together a diverse, interesting and enjoyable program of events that is worth a regular visit. Until November 17, the show "Strong Guardians of the Past: Castles in Slovenia" - a presentation that fulfills the promise of its title.

I try to get up there every Saturday morning to clean my head and move my feet on the lanes, and never get tired of the tip. At the other end, where the castle is located, it offers much more than fresh air. There are guided tours, restaurants, a cafe, a castle museum, a doll museum, a gazebo to climb to the highest point of the city, art exhibitions, dances, live music, star movies, festival days and more - enough to reward multiple trips up the hill. You can find all these activities and events on the Castle website, while the TSN page here shows "25 Things You Should Know About Ljubljana Castle" and "Ten Ways to Enjoy Ljubljana Castle".

The Plečnik House is worth a visit if you want to know more about the architect who gave Ljubljana much of its character. It is also located in the really nice part of Trnovo, just a short walk or bike ride uphill. Check out our guide here.

The Balassi Institute - Hungarian Cultural Center has an exhibition of Interlacement - Éva Farkasvölgyi and Žiga Okorni, showing tapestries and paintings until June 14th. For free entry, this place is next to Sparni and Hofer, not far from the Dragon Bridge and there is always something interesting going on. Learn more here.

The City Museum - a museum on the square of the French Revolution - an interesting permanent exhibition from Ljubljana's history from prehistoric times to the present, with many objects, models and other things that bring the story to life. You can read about my visit here. & Nbsp; Until September 25, there are Treasures of Russian Museums, an exhibition featuring more than 80 Russian icons from leading Russian museums.

International Graphic Center & nbsp; & nbsp; - & nbsp; There must be something here, but basically the place is getting ready for a big biennial starting June 7th.

The MAO - Museum of Architecture and Design has a lot to look forward to, plus some temporary exhibitions and a good café. Until September 19, Slovenia will host an exhibition of contemporary fashion and textile design called Creators, which will be advertised with the following image.

Moderna galerija - The main branch of this gallery, located near the entrance to Tivoli Park, has a good collection of modern art as well as a nice cafe in the basement. Open Thursday, April 25, 8:00 pm, Fine Arts of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1929-1941, ending September 15, 2019. It offers "an overview of painting, sculpture, graphics, drawing, photography and film at the time of the Royal Dictatorship (January 6) 1929) until the start of World War II on Yugoslavia (April 1941) ”- you can read more about it here. The Metelkova branch of the museum also has a new large exhibit that will last at least until September 2019, an example of non-aligned movement art, as shown below.

Rafikun Nabi: The Poet, 1980, edition, 96.5 x 110 cm. Courtesy of Montenegrin Center for Contemporary Art. Exhibition at the Metelova branch of the Moderna Gallery

National Gallery - The State Gallery has the best facilities from the Middle Ages to the supply of contemporary, contemporary fine art, and is in a prime location for exploring other areas, just off Tivoli Park and opposite the city's main branch, Moderna Galerija. You can read more about our visit to our Medieval Sacred Art Room here. & Nbsp; In Space: Scenography in Slovenia before 1991 provides a comprehensive historical, stylistic, visual and theatrical overview of Slovenian scenography until September 8. Until October 13, there is a big exhibition on Alan Ford, one of the great comics of the Yugoslav era.

The real Robba fountain can be found at the entrance of the National Gallery - what you see in the Old Town is genuine fake, as seen below and reported here.

Slovenian National Museum - the permanent collection here is rich in Roman times, Egypt and more. At the same time, the Metelkova branch of the museum, located between a branch of the Moderna Gallery and the Ethnographic Museum, has some rooms for church art, furniture and weapons, the latter having more weapons than you can see anywhere else in the city, and quite fascinating. are not household articles.

National Museum of Contemporary History - Stolen in Tivoli Park, displayed in addition to its permanent collection on the quest for freedom: 1968-2018 through August 16. & Nbsp; Until June 2, there are letters on Facebook: Slovenian expats interacting in Argentina with their homeland through time. Until September 29, there is also a retrospective of photographer Edi Schelhaus advertised with the following image.

The Union is "Ljubljana beer", but now he and Laško are owned by Heineken. But there are plenty of local brewers in town for IPAs, stouts, wheat beers, markets and more. Photo: JL Flanner

Union experience - The brewery in Ljubljana has a museum presenting the history of the company, a ticket of which also includes access to part of the factory and some product samples. You can read more about our visit here.

It's not an official museum, but if you're interested in the "Yugo Stalgia," you'll enjoy a trip to Verba, a small, privately owned space full of age and pop culture items, conveniently located at the beginning of a short walk to the castle. It's also a great place to take a picture if you leave a donation, and you can read more about it here.

Alternative Ljubljana is not in itself a museum or gallery, but instead turns the city streets into a museum and gallery. Find out more about their street art, history and LGBT Ljubljana tours here.

Open friday, every Friday from 11am to 11pm, the cathedral-river square serves eateries that serve food and drinks from the city's best restaurants - just follow your nose and crowd. Read more about it here.

If you want to spend the evening painting with others, check out the picture with Design with Wine, which organizes painting parties at Trubarjeva cesta,

If you want to look at some antiques, check out the wonderful Antique Carniola as discussed here. The man behind it, Jaka Prijatel, has a beautiful life on this street, as you can see on his Facebook account.

If you're in the city for jogging or nature walks, why not take a look at the castle with a brief guide to the trails here. If you want something bigger, head to Tivoli Park.

Want to stretch and breathe? Then check out our list of yoga classes for tourists, visitors, and non-engaged people. If you're heading to the coast, check out our interview with a yoga teacher who serves breakfast while you're in (or near) the city and want to try some "family yoga", so you can find out more here and maybe let your kids relax.

Do you prefer someone else to stretch you? Check out the completely legitimate massages that Sense Wellness offers - whether at their spa, at home, at the office or at the hotel. (And - I repeat - they are by nature legitimate and non-sexual)

Most of Slovenia is just a few hours away from Ljubljana, and you can easily visit Lake Bled, the Lipica Gardening Farm, Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle, the coast and more, while you can learn from this bench in Bled. If you are looking for something more ambitious, read our recent guide to 17 members of the Association of Historic Towns in Slovenia. We have also written guides for four to 48 hours in Bled and Piran.

If you want to get a tourist map of Ljubljana, which gives you the opportunity to travel on city buses and enter many sights, you can read more about it here and if you want to use the bike sharing system, it is useful for visitors as it is intended for residents. Visitors with reduced mobility are pleased to note that downtown Ljubljana is generally rated good for accessibility and that there is also a free Ljubljana city-supported wheelchair application that highlights cafes, attractions and so on with ramps, disabled bathrooms and Eurokey facilities read and download here. Wheelchair users can also rent free accessories here to motivate their equipment.

Do you want / need cigarettes but stores are closed? Here is a non-exhaustive list of downtown bars that satisfy your desire for demon weeds. If you have problems with ATMs, here is a guide to what you see on the screen. If you have a hangover, check out where to get paracetamol (and prescription drugs) in Ljubljana for details on emergency contraception.