Visit to Ljubljana, Slovenia: My experience

Visit to Ljubljana, Slovenia: My experience

I have just been to Ljubljana, Slovenia, for a few days, a city I had heard great things about. I wanted to share my short impressions of the city in this post.

We didn't even have two full days in Slovenia. We arrived late at night, we had a whole next day and then left at noon the next day, so we had one whole day and then morning.

Plus we had a terrible weather. It was raining the whole first day and the next morning it wasn't very nice. Apparently, the weather can have a huge impact on the place and this was no exception.

In general, I prefer smaller cities than mega cities and Ljubljana is just lovely. The city is a lovely old town by the river, so it looks almost like a mix between Riga and Amsterdam.

Not surprisingly, there was a lack of "vibe" due to the rain as there were few and few people. I'm sad that I missed that sense of spirit because I've heard it's a pretty awesome city. I was there even on Friday, when they probably have a cool open kitchen market, although it was canceled due to weather conditions.

So I'm afraid all I can really say is that the city looked beautiful, and I really want to come back when the weather is more beautiful to better understand the place's property because it was missing.

What's even cooler than Ljubljana is how many things are close to the city. Slovenia is known for its gorgeous countryside and many cool places not far from the city.

Lake Bled and Bled Castle, for example, are only a 40-minute drive from the city, so we did our last morning on the way to the airport because the weather was the best.

Since this is something I care about many, I should note that Slovenia felt incredibly safe. And I don't think it's just a feeling, because that country is often considered one of the world's most secure.

I would also like to point out that there were practically no tourists. I'm not sure how much of this weather depended, but even so, I have the feeling that most European cities are usually filled with tourists in the spring.

I think this is a huge reason to go here. While I'm sure there will be more tourists in the summer, Ljubljana is still quite undiscovered, at least when looking at places like American tourists. I'm sure it will soon be a hotspot for American tourists (as Prague has changed in recent years).

Although I have a separate hotel overview, I noticed how awesome InterContinental Ljubljana was. It is the city's first five-star hotel and is beautiful. I deceived Marriot to stay here because their only asset is the four points produced by Sheraton, which have no great location.

This hotel is a virtuoso property, so I paid 160EUR per night, but it included an upgrade to a junior suite, restaurant breakfast, access to a club lounge and $ 100 food & amp; drink credit. The virtues of virtues are crazy here.

I had a great time in Slovenia. I wish the weather was better, but it gives me even more reason to return. I highly recommend visiting Ljubljana, especially as it is not yet crowded with tourists and considering all the cool sights nearby.

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I love this city very much. We visited in September last year and it was not crowded at all. The weather was nice and there was a concert outside the park. We also visited Lake Bled and hiked to the castle. I really liked the food, it was good and so reasonable. We bought their famous honey and forgot the registration that resulted in its confiscation, I was so crazy for me. All in all, when I go back to Eastern Europe, it will be at the top of my list again.

I was in Slovenia in autumn 2007. Stunning autumn leaves with blue skies, hiking in the Julian Alps, a proud country with a tourist. Too bad you had a terrible weather.

This city was beautiful in February and Intercontinental is a great hotel with a pool and spa and a great Club Lounge. Vienna or Zagreb is a few minutes' walk from the train. Wonderful city to visit, easy walk and cable car to the castle!

It is one of the loveliest and most tourist friendly cities in Europe. I've seen them all and this is my favorite favorite. Intimate, friendly, clean, quiet, picturesque, fashionable, hip and reasonably priced. It won't sleep forever !! Go now! Slovenians have a sweet spot.

Visited October last year for five days. It was wonderful, as others have described to you. Interesting and beautiful architecture, river enough for an energetic life and its cafes, but not crowded, friendly people, fluent English, great food at great prices, easy to navigate and yes, the taste was terrific. Fun angles to explore. The market was open and fun. The bleeding in the sun is remarkable. I'm planning a comeback.

I visited in September last year just before hiking the Julian Alps. I was lucky enough to have the perfect weather and was able to participate in the open market street market they mentioned. Big little city (and country)… and I also enjoyed the intercontinental… but surely I didn't get the benefits of Virtuoso.

We visited Ljubljana in early October 2018. It is a wonderful little town with interesting art, architecture, culture and surprisingly outstanding food. More importantly, the people were hospitable and engaging. You should look for the opportunity to return to the "dry season". The whole country was beautiful. We actually enjoyed it more than Croatia (and we really like Croatia!).

Visited May last year and spent time in Ljubljana on Lake Bled and visited caves near Skocjan. He also rented a vehicle and traveled through the Julian Alps to Italy. One of our favorite trips / countries.

My maternal grandmother was born near Ljubljana but came to the United States before World War I. No one in my family had ever visited, so before my mother and her siblings died, I decided to visit it in May 2006. We spent 2.5 days there before traveling to Croatia. That was before it became a hot spot.

In the morning, by the lake Bled, we were able to take the pletna boat to the island, but it began to sink as we hiked to the castle so we went for a coffee instead. The funny thing was getting our rental car from Union Hotel where we stayed. They offered a room package and a 1-day rental of a smart car, which was LESS money than just booking a room. Say what? And when we went to pick it up from the rental desk, the man just handed us the keys - he didn't ask for his ID, license or anything! One of those indelible travel memories.

An hour from Ljubljana, there is a lovely SPG property near Trieste, Italy, called the Luxury Collection Falisia. It's a pretty new and beautiful property in a less-traveled area. We spent the night there and during the day Ljubljana and Bled were drifting ... for a very light drive you just need to buy a cheap vignette at the border. Unfortunately, the weather was not good. I really enjoyed hiking in and around Bled to get the beautiful views of downtown island.

If you have the opportunity to return, you would definitely recommend visiting Rovinj in Croatia. It was an amazing experience during the low season with small crowds, beautiful city scenery and a great hotel.

You should try it on a sunny Friday while this open kitchen is working. It gets really lively with the cool evening shows in the summer. Alongside Bled is Bohinj Lake, a lovely place to see and hike.

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