Video | Lille - Valencia 1-1. The French got the first point in the group in the extra time of the match

Video | Lille - Valencia 1-1. The French got the first point in the group in the extra time of the match He was in rehearsals at Rapid, and now he has reached Ligue 1 for two million euros: "Pancu was laughing at him too"
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Lille failed to get more than one point in their own Champions League match with Valencia, 1-1.
Football Club (Wednesday, 19:30, Digi Sport 1)

Without a point after the first two matches played in Group H, Lille could open the score at the end of the first half with Valencia. Yusuf Yazici hit the bar five minutes before the break.

In the second half, the bats hit Cheryshev at the end of a quick action. The Russian shot with thirst from inside the box, and goalkeeper Maignan was forced to remove the ball from the net.

Valencia finished the match in ten men: Diakhaby received two yellow cards in two minutes. Lille avoided defeat in the fifth minute of extra time. Ikone scored for 1-1, and the French got the first point in the group.

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