Transfer Policy of LOSC Lille Club and Sakaryaspor

Transfer Policy of LOSC Lille Club and Sakaryaspor

We have been witnessing news about the negotiations on transferring Trabzonspor and the important midfielder of our National Football Team, Yusuf Yazıcı (1997), to the LOSC Lille club of France. LOSC Lille club recently offered Trabzonspor club for Yusuf Yazıcı, 50% of Edgar's testimonial fee + 15% share from his next sale, 17 million Euros in advance + Newcastle United. I couldn't count exactly, but the LOSC Lille club went up in price at least for the fifth time in order to transfer Yusuf. As it is known, LOSC Lille club pursues a policy that finds most of the club's income in this way by finding promising young talents and selling them with high test fees in the following years. As will be remembered, they also transferred our Turkish player Mehmet Zeki Çelik, who wore Istanbulspor form in TFF 1st League, to only 2.5 million € last year. The market value of Mehmet Zeki Çelik has increased approximately 22 times in just one year, from 800 thousand € to 17.5 million €. While scouts (talent hunters!) Of many of our clubs in our country cannot see this young football player, scouts of a club of France approximately 3500 km away from our country can watch and transfer this player for a long time. How interesting and interesting as well as sad?

I think we will understand better how accurate and how successful the transfer policy of the LOSC Lille Club is when we see player transfers and the profit rate of these players after a few years of sales. When we look at the player transfers (€ 52.1 million) and sales (€ 150 million) that took place this summer, we see that they made a total profit of approximately € 100 million. Only the sales of football players this summer period and the profits they made from these players are as follows; Nicolas Pépé (1995, Ivory Coast - transferred to € 10 million in 2017, sold to Arsenal for € 80 million in 2019), Rafael Alexandre da Conceição Leão (1999, Portugal - transferred in 2018 for free, in 2019 AC sold to Milan for € 30 million), Thiago Henrique Mendes Ribeiro (1992, Brazil - transferred to € 9 million in 2017 and sold to Olympic Lyon in 2019 for € 22 million), & nbsp; Anwar El- Ghazi (1995, The Netherlands - Transferred to € 7 million in 2017, a total income of € 11 million, including 2 million € rent + sales of € 9 million to Aston Villa in 2019), Youssouf Koné (1995, Mali - Transferred free of charge in 2013 and sold to Olympic Lyon in 2019 for € 9 million).

We see that the LOSC Lille club does not come to this stage easily. I think that the most basic element that ensures their success in these transfer policies is provided by loyalty to that understanding after determining club philosophies. Because the LOSC Lille team, which achieved a great success by finishing the last season in the Ligue 1 of France (2018-2019), second behind Paris SG, completed the previous season (2017-2018) in the 17th rank and completed only and only He was able to stay in the cluster with 1 point. They managed to participate in the Champions League a year later with almost the same young staff, and within one season they made a profit of only € 100 million from transfers. But the same LOSC Lille club is making very delicate bargains for the money it will give to Yusuf Yazıcı. It is likely that they are planning to sell Yusuf Yazıcı a few years later and they are making fine calculations in order not to harm between the purchase and sale fee. Our clubs, on the other hand, do not know the young football player, and even the value of their own infrastructure.

In summary, as Sakaryaspor, we should have a club philosophy. This should be returning to our own resources, that is, our infrastructure, training players, transfering young talents, and at the same time adding value to them by ensuring their development. In this way, by selling these players to other clubs, it should be ensured that our club holds an important place in the income item. I fully believe that we will achieve this as a city. As long as the club; Let us adopt the understanding that produces, not the understanding that consumes. & Nbsp;

If a club has a philosophy that I will raise talented players from the infrastructure, I will find talented players thanks to the scout system, and I will ensure the development of these players and return the club economy, it is certain that they will reach their goals sooner. As the most important examples of this; We can give clubs such as LOSC Lille (France), SL Benfica (Portugal), Monaco (France), Ajax (Netherlands) and Porto (Portugal). As Sakaryaspor, what could we be missing from these clubs and those who manage these clubs? We, as these clubs, can provide our own economy from our own internal dynamics. As long as we want it.

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