The opinion - "Campos? He is making a masterpiece with Lille "

The opinion - Campos? He is making a masterpiece with Lille

MILAN SOCCER MARKET - Maurizio Compagnoni, Sky Sport journalist, spoke about the possible arrival of AC Milan's Luis Campos, Lille's sporting director: “Campos has a great value, the players choose them well and manage to envy them when they don't cost much. He did a great job at Monaco: he discovered Bakayoko, Jemerson and that he brought Bernando Silva to the Principality. A little bit Monaco also made a mistake, obviously, such as Carrillo and Rony Lopes, which did not go very well. The masterpiece, however, is doing it at Lille. Taking inspiration from Campos' experience in his current team, however, you have to put stakes. The first year at Lille isn't that things have gone very well. It is clear that it is difficult for a 4-5 million player to immediately become a Scudetto player. Then, with the same players, Lille went very well in the second year. Who are these players? First of all Nicolas Pepè, an Ivorian talent fished by the Angers, paying him 7-8 million euros. Now it takes at least 80 to take it away. Then he took the two Brazilians in midfield, Thiago Mendes and Thiago Maia. The story of Thiago Mendes is quite funny, because his prosecutors have proposed him to half Serie A and some clubs have not even answered him. If you take these players, who have little experience in the first team, it is difficult for me to build a Scudetto AC Milan immediately, but it can certainly lay excellent foundations. Surely you have to be patient ". Meanwhile André Silva could once again leave the AC Milan club, keep reading & gt; & gt; & gt;

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