Roller Bulls Ostbelgien successful in Lille - GrenzEcho

Roller Bulls Ostbelgien successful in Lille - GrenzEcho

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For the Roller Bulls Ostbelgien, the tournament was a welcome opportunity to determine their sporting position, especially since this season's preparation games were difficult due to the European Championship taking place in Poland: “We were able to keep our players and therefore we are starting with a well-rehearsed team, but it is true it is to internalize the philosophy of our new coach Jo Bernaerts, ”said Edgard Boemer, Team Manager of Roller Bulls East Belgium. In the opening game, the Roller Bulls East Belgium and Méaux met what was probably the strongest team in the entire tournament. The Ostbelgier presented themselves less agile and made many individual mistakes, which ultimately resulted in a 59:71 defeat. "Not the result, but rather our demeanor, I saw as a great disappointment. If we present ourselves like this in the Bundesliga, then we will certainly not achieve much, ”the manager clearly stated. In the second game on Saturday the Bulls showed their true character and swept Capsa Paris out of the hall with 76:35.

At the beginning of the second day of the tournament, the East Belgian defeated the Douai team with 91:59. Above all, the high hit rate gives hope for the upcoming season. Then there was a showdown against the host from Lille. From the beginning, a tight game with changing tours developed. In the end, Lille won 71:63. “It was a very good game for both teams. With this attitude, we are on the right track, ”said Edgard Boemer. At the end of the two days of competition, the hosts from Lille won in front of the team from Méaux. The Roller Bulls East Belgium finished third on the podium. Lorenzo Boterberg was also selected in the top five of the tournament.

The Roller Bulls Ostbelgien will start the new Bundesliga season at BG Baskets Hamburg on Saturday at 3 p.m. before the first home game against Baskets 96 Rahden will take place on Saturday 3 October at 7:30 p.m. (Gh)