Raffle! On March 8, our readers will be congratulated by the Lille ateljee flower salon

Raffle! On March 8, our readers will be congratulated by the Lille ateljee flower salon

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What is March Eighth without flowers? True, the florist and decorator Raisa Ivanova is sure that you need to give flowers without any reason and as often as possible. We hope that men also think so & nbsp; therefore, they will actively participate in our draw.

But be that as it may, & nbsp; today - March 1, despite the morning frost in the air already blowing in the spring, and flower shops are preparing for the invasion of men - husbands, grooms, fans, life partners, boyfriends, colleagues, bosses ... & nbsp ;

We decided to make life easier for at least three readers and help them congratulate their chosen ones on March 8. But about this later, but for now we present - the flower salon-studio, which is called Lille ateljee, and is located in the center of Tallinn, on Tartu-mnt, 24. And this is actually the studio, since there is a fireplace burning hospitably, they treat them there coffee, and besides traditional bouquets of available flowers, you can order something special there. For example, a bouquet that will stand for about five years, and the flowers will look at the same time just cut from the flowerbed. Or, for example, getting the right flowers out of season is just like in the fairy tale “Twelve Months.” & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“Is it true that by how long the bouquet costs, you can determine whether it was given from the heart?” - we ask Rais Ivanov, who is busy drawing up such a beautiful bouquet.

“Of course, this is a kind of myth, since fresh flowers in any case will last longer, but if the bouquet or composition is composed in good faith, then the long life of the flowers is guaranteed. In general, I believe that the main thing in floristry is not education, not taste, not experience, and not even the desire to create beauty, although all these concepts are extremely important. The main thing is responsibility! Use knowledge to put flowers nearby, respecting each other, teach the customer how to properly care for the bouquet ... Well, give a piece of your soul along with flowers. Especially on a holiday, although, in my opinion, it is much more important to give a woman flowers for no reason! ”Raisa told us. & Nbsp;

For our readers, the flower studio offers three gift cards for 49 euros each. Those who receive the first card that says “lillekimp” will be able to order a bouquet or just flowers for this amount from Lille ateljee & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

For the winner, on the card of which it will be written & nbsp; "lilledest karu", a floral toy will be made in the salon up to 30 centimeters high. It could be such a cute little bear. You can make a bunny, a dog, or even a wise owl with gerbera eyes. & Nbsp;

The third lucky winner, who will get a card with the inscription & nbsp; "lillekarp", will become the owner of a luxurious bouquet in a gift box. This is exactly what Raisa did when photographer Eero Vabamyagi and I came to the salon. It is possible that you will get the same spring box in which roses, several shades of pink, blue & nbsp; anemones, freesia, ranunculus fashionable this season, flaunt on artificial land that does not allow flowers to wither quickly ... However, if you have other addictions Your box, of course, will be different. One has only to explain what gift you want to make.