Protests of the yellow vest come on October 10 in Ljubljana

Protests of the yellow vest come on October 10 in Ljubljana

STA, September 19, 2019 - The Slovenian right-wing parties and a number of citizens' initiatives are organizing a protest on 10 October in Ljubljana under the slogan "Let's save Slovenia". The demonstration is being initiated by ex-Mayor of Maribor Franc Kangler in cooperation with the Non-Parliamentary People's Party (SLS).

According to social media comments and media reports, opposition democrats (SDS) and the Slovenian non-parliamentary Greens are also joining the protest.

Kangler has told National Broadcasters that protesters wanted to highlight inequality before the law, lowering climate standards in favor of rich businesses and increasing poverty despite better economic performance.

SLS leader Marjan Podobnik told the STA that the protest brought together numerous initiatives that have emerged in the last few months, including those on illegal migration and environmental issues.

"This is a protest against abnormality, wrongdoing and greed," Podobnik said, adding that the demonstration was a way of criticizing the government because it was their job to deal with their problems and corruption.

The Prime Minister's Office replied that everyone had the right to protest, pointing out that it should take place in accordance with the regulations.