Photo Gallery | Virgiliu Postolachi signed with Lille, two days after the superb goal scored for PSG

Photo Gallery | Virgiliu Postolachi signed with Lille, two days after the superb goal scored for PSG

The 19-year-old striker wanted by the Romanian national, Virgiliu Postolachi, left PSG less than two days after the superb goal, with the heel, from the friendly with Dynamo Dresden.

Postolachi arrived in France since he was two years old, and in 2013 he joined the PSG Academy. In 2016 he became the champion of France with the Under 17 team of Parisians, performance repeated a year later, when he managed a "double" in the final won 3-0 against Monaco.

The striker, described as '' athletic and versatile, generous in effort, equipped with a head game and behind the gate '', signed the first professional contract with PSG in 2018 and scored two goals in six matches in the UEFA Youth League.

"Virgiliu is a very interesting player, which we had the chance to bring. He is a number 9, a high player with the ability to score, but not only. He works hard and is able to create imbalances in the offensive zone. Our coaches they will help him grow. He is still young and has a good margin of progress, which should allow him to reach our first team, "announced Lille's general manager Marc Ingla.

At the end of last year, Virgiliu Postolachi was the subject of a dispute between the Romanian Football Federation and the Moldovan Federation regarding the country for which the young striker would evolve. Postolachi said that he does not consider any moment to evolve for the national of Moldova and wants at any cost to wear the shirt of the representative of Romania, and the case has reached the FIFA table.

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