Metropolis of Lille. Ilévia revises its bus network: what will change

Metropolis of Lille. Ilévia revises its bus network: what will change

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The European Metropolis of Lille (NORD) reacted to the discontent caused by the last ilévia bus plan by modifying it widely. These modifications follow "& nbsp; in-depth studies to meet the demands of the municipalities which had found difficulties on certain routes & nbsp;", we are assured from the community side.

We heard the requests from the mayors and studied them one by one. The changes we are making today in the territory of Lille and its surrounding area best meet the expectations of metropolitan residents while helping to improve the efficiency of the bus network. "& Nbsp;

- November 2019 (at the start of the school year following the All Saints holidays) for measures that required additional buses and / or road improvements.

Line 10 will run in both directions on Galilée, Clémenceau and Maréchal Foch streets, the Bazinghien stop will be postponed to the entrance of Rue Galilée and two new stops will be made: Galilée and Clémenceau.

The Citadine of Marcq-en-Baroeul will now run in both directions with a frequency of 30 minutes all day from 7 am to 7:30 pm From the Strategic Pavement, it will be possible to directly reach the many points of interest of Marcq -en-Baroeul but also the tram at the stops: Buisson, Clémenceau Hippodrome and Croisé Laroche.

Line 12 is re-established every second time to its terminus "Marcq Piscine", that is, every quarter of an hour during peak hours and every 20 minutes during off-peak hours.

The route of Corolle 2 is extended from the Saint Philibert pole in the heart of the district of Europe in Pérenchies via the streets of Grand But / de Lomme. The direct connection to the commercial area is thus reestablished and the district of Europe again benefits from a service at its heart & nbsp; ".

- Liane 8: the line no longer terminates at the Leers shopping center but now passes through the heart of La Potennerie and then terminates at Hem Blanchisserie. The route between Eurotéléport and Tourcoing Risquons Tout is unchanged and the link between Hem Blanchisserie & lt; - & gt; Roubaix Eurotéléport is preserved.

- Liane 4: the line no longer ends at Hem Blanchisserie but now takes avenue de Verdun to end its route at the Leers shopping center. The route between Roubaix Eurotéléport and Halluin Gounod remains unchanged.

- the creation of a city car in the Potennerie district, running every 45 minutes, passing through streets not covered by Liane 8 and ensuring the direct connection from the Eurotéléport / Dupuy de Lôme sector to Place du Travail and Boulevard of Fourmies. This Citadine will also serve the Saint Paul district in Hem.

City of Clinquet C8: adaptation of the itinerary to serve the heart of the Phalempins district. Thus, from November 4, 2019 (partially due to the road repair work on rue de la Latte): the Citadine will no longer take rue du Brun Pain but will serve in the direction of Tourcoing Clinquet avenue de la End of the War and in the direction towards Tourcoing Center the streets of Roncq and Menen.

In early 2020, as soon as the road repair works in the sector are completed, the C8 will provide a service to the heart of the district via De la Latte and Racine streets. This route will require the assignment of minibuses on the C8 (narrow roads) and the provision of stops "on demand" (almost continuous longitudinal parking) on ​​part of the route (streets of Roncq-Menin / Racine and Latte).

The modifications concern the municipalities of Comines, Quesnoy and Wambrechies on line 88 with an "improvement in the service to the Le Bihamel-Grand Perne sector (RD 308) and the ESATs of Wambrechies and Comines & nbsp;".

Serving the Flers Bourg district by Corolle 3 (since October 2019). It provides service to 4 new stops: Pont de Bois, La Chesnaie, Ladrière and Florence. The frequency and amplitude of the line are maintained.

School service Saint Adrien: creation of two school lines from Toufflers and Wasquehal serving the municipalities of Hem, Lannoy and the Babylone-Recueil district in Villeneuve d´Ascq

For the municipalities of Aubers, Herlies, Illies, Fromelles and La Bassée, the changes concern lines 62 and 64 with a resumption of the regular link Illies-La Bassée and the service of the ZAC du Nouveau Monde in La Bassée

- Extension of line 62 from Illies Center to La Bassée station via the northern districts of the town and serving the Auvilliers activity area in Illies.

- the adjustment of the schedules to guarantee better efficient connections with 1 TER out of 3: Don (13 outward, 14 returns), 21 in Wavrin (9 outward, 12 returns)