Mehmet Zeki Çelik: I also translate to Yusuf Yazıcı

Mehmet Zeki Çelik: I also translate to Yusuf Yazıcı

national footballer who played in Lille with Mars Demiral Juventus midfielder Mehmet Zeki Çelik said they were proud to represent Turkey in Europe. Mehmet Zeki Çelik said that he made a translation to Yusuf Yazıcı, who was transferred to Lille.

National football players Merih Demiral and Mehmet Zeki Çelik, who continued their football life in Europe after the match that A National Football Team defeated Moldova 4-0 in the 2020 European Football Championship Qualification, made statements.

Evaluating that France will play with another national football player, Yusuf Yazıcı in the Lille team, Zeki Çelik said, “Yusuf Yazıcı has come this year. I help Yusuf Yazıcı. I hope he will succeed. I also translate to Yusuf Yazıcı. As we succeed, Turkish people are very happy. We do our best. They are also proud of us. I hope the continuation will come, ”he said.

Stating that he was very happy that they defeated Moldova, Zeki Çelik said, “We got 6 points in two matches. We took an important step to leave the group. I hope the result will be beautiful. ” Merih de stated that they showed the necessary devotion and struggle against Moldova and said, “We are very happy. There is a very nice atmosphere in the team and our nation. I hope we will not waste this trust, and we will continue like this and proceed with sure steps towards the European Football Championship. ”

represent Turkey in Europe is a great honor for themselves, rather than emphasizing the load factors Mars DEMİRAL, "because we are representing our country abroad. It's a very nice feeling. As young people, we have very good experience in the team as well as our brothers and Emre. Hopefully, good days will come with the permission of Allah. ”