Mayor of Ljubljana accused of tax evasion, abuse of office

Mayor of Ljubljana accused of tax evasion, abuse of office

STA, October 10, 2019 - The most demanding public prosecutor's office in Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, has filed two new charges against the state's most demanding crimes and corruption cases, MMC reported on Thursday. He is suspected of tax evasion and misconduct.

The first case began in 2006, with the prosecution suspecting that a former Mercator retailer was conducting a series of complex business transactions for tax evasion by selling 47,000 shares of Mercator through a company owned by his sons.

Investigators believe that at the time, the company was actually controlled by Janković and that he was the beneficial owner of the shares he had parked with Electa Engineering until he sold them.

The second case goes back to 2009, when Janković is suspected of misusing his position in order to obtain illegal benefits of EUR 1.4 million for the head constructor of Stožice Sports Park Grep.

Moreover, he is suspected of producing documents which enabled Grep to obtain a loan of EUR 5.5 million from Banka Koper. The indictment has been brought against five persons and legal persons, allegedly Jadranka Dakić, former deputy mayor and Grepi Uroš Ogrin and Zlatko Sraka.