Losc Valence Ikoné's goal on the wire gives Lille its first point in the Champions League

Losc Valence Ikoné's goal on the wire gives Lille its first point in the Champions League

3 comments 55 shares Share on Messenger Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Flipboard Share on Pinterest Share on Linkedin Print Send by Mail Ikoné gave Lille its first point in the AFP Champions League Le Losc avoided the worst by equalizing at the last second Wednesday evening against Valence (1-1). Last in his group with a point, it will still take a miracle for Lille to reach the knockout stages.

The Losc is still breathing. Held at home Wednesday (1-1) by Valencia in the Champions League, the northern club did not do a good job. But the scenario of the match with an unexpected equalization of Ikoné at the end of the match avoids an almost certain elimination at Losc.

Last in his group with a point in three games, Lille has no room for maneuver. To go into eighths, he will probably have to win his last three games. An ultra-complicated mission but at least the men of Galtier are still alive.

Replacing the kick-off because of his failed start to the season, Jonathan Ikoné was stung by Christophe Galtier. The questioning of his untouchable status inevitably affected him. And his entry into play in the 65th minute showed that the attacker was revengeful. Thanks to his overkill struck in overtime, Ikoné, who did not really celebrate his goal, allows his teammates to avoid too big regrets.

As in Amsterdam (3-0) in its first match, as against Chelsea (1-2) three weeks ago, the Losc once again did not deserve against Valencia. The Northerners even largely dominated the Spaniards. But as usual, the Losc has been ineffective despite its many opportunities. The strike of Yazici on the bar (40th) and the improbable failure of Rémy all alone or almost in front of the goal (74th) won the palm of the biggest chills. Before the goal on the thread of Ikoné which finally rewards Lille perseverance.

An opportunity and a half, a goal. Inexistent at the Pierre Mauroy stadium, FC Valence almost won a match they had to lose. The miracle occurred at the hour of play on a cons of Gameiro which served Cheryshev perfectly in the area (63 '). Thank you goodbye. It will be the only good thing we will see Wednesday evening from the Spaniards. A clinical realism to disgust you of football especially that the Valencians have added boxes in cynicism and vice. Even if they ended up being taken at their own game: the expulsion of Diakhaby (84th) clearly penalized the Spaniards at the end of the match.

Change of system, change of players. For this Champions League match on a double or quits basis, Christophe Galtier had decided to change everything. Medium both in terms of the game and in terms of results for several weeks, the Losc probably needed to moult according to his coach. Suddenly, finished the too predictable 4-2-3-1 and makes way for a surprising 3-4-2-1 with eight players with a rather defensive profile. And to animate all this, the Lille coach had decided to trust in front of a new triplet Araujo-Yazici-Osimhen. No Bamba or Ikoné left on the bench before coming into play in the second period. The challenge has borne fruit because the goal that saves appearances came from Ikoné, replacing revenge.

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