Ljubljana, Perfect Foodie City Breaks destination from Croatia

Ljubljana, Perfect Foodie City Breaks destination from Croatia

May 29, 2019 - The third and final part of a recent press tour around Slovenia organized by the Association of Travel Journalists in Slovenia, a trip in which TCN also participated. Ljubljana.

Although TCN is aimed at all of Croatia, this does not mean that we should ignore our neighbors. One of the many things I have appreciated since moving from Hvar to Varazdin is the proximity of our new home to the rest of Europe. The spontaneous decision to visit the family on Christmas Eve, for example, saw us on the Dunkirk ferry after being in the car for 14 hours. But in Hungary, Austria and Slovenia there are many exciting places to explore closer to home, to name just three. & Nbsp;

And so I gladly accepted the invitation of the Slovenian Tourist Journalists Association last week for our 4-day tour of our western neighbor. And what a fun and varied trip it was, starting with the ultimate cut-off detox on the border between Big Berry and the wonderful Bela Krajina area, before a thorough tour of Ljubljana, BTC City - whose contents were just as surprising as they were impressive. & nbsp;

The last day was left to the capital itself, to the proud Ljubljana, a city I have visited (and completely admired) a few times, but I do not know. Our colleagues in Total Slovenia News are based in Ljubljana and are arguably the best current information on the Slovenian capital - here are 25 things you should know about Ljubljana to get started. & Nbsp;

Instead of repeating their excellent work, there is an individual assessment of what turned out to be a pretty great day, starting with a liquid refreshment of a rather charismatic water fountain in one of the main squares of the Old Town. & Nbsp;

The best location for the best views of the Old Town and surrounding areas cannot be argued. Although we could have run through the forest to get to Ljubljana Castle, this little rope made it a little easier to climb on their aging bones. & Nbsp;

The spiral staircase at the top of the tower was worth the effort when we reached the castle, but to read more about the castle itself, I refer you to my local expert colleagues and 25 things to know about Ljubljana Castle & nbsp; & nbsp;

In addition to the views, the flat area under the tower of the castle struck me. Great space perfect for all kinds of events, concerts and other shows. & Nbsp;

Breakfast at the castle was like one I've never had before, with 12 very individual dishes, lots of sweet and salty flavors. And yes, this is one for one. I especially liked the pasta and the asparagus tempura, while the strawberries, the strudel and the honey-covered cheese also appealed. As we discovered the previous day, the Food Bluz project is really taking shape in defining the diversity and quality of Slovenian cuisine, and Slovenia's role as the European gastronomy region of 2021 has big plans.

Among Slovenia's many celebrity claims is the fact that the oldest grape vine variety is in Maribor - celebrated every year in September. In 1990, the castle was planted with cuttings of a 450-year-old vine and now has an impressive vine. & Nbsp;

Internationally Growing Vine As Total Slovenia reported last year, flyers were planted in both Pyongyang and Seoul last year, and the plan is to make their Korean grapes a common wine at the time of grape ripening. & Nbsp;

And the castle even has its own vineyard in the hills below its walls. The vineyard had existed before, but it re-emerged in 2016, the first vintage in 2018. Everything thanks to the vineyards that helped the project, each vine is named. & Nbsp;

And if you take the short cable car, I recommend heartily walking through the green oasis of refreshing nature. For though we may be in the center, nature and its forest reign. There are also many treadmills and the area is a perfect escape from the summer crowd, as well as (I can imagine) being idyllic in all four seasons. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

I don't think I can ever get tired of the Old Town of Ljubljana. Both the compact and the picturesque, as well as our guide, brought out some surprises. This road, for example, was the main highway connecting Zagreb to Ljubljana until 1959. How have things changed? & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Although Ljubljana is still discovering, there are many unique challenges that show that over-marketing has not arrived en masse. Still. Where else in Europe can you find a great waterfront shop selling vinyl records, for example? & Nbsp;

& nbsp; It is a glorious destination for people-watching - an activity approved by the local birdwatching community to observe daily events in the castle. & nbsp;

For me, the highlight of the excursion was a river boat trip. Our host was Ljubljanica, the only handmade wooden boat on the river. And what a joy he was. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Watching life along the river and the various ways to take advantage of it were wonderful, all in the slow pace of Ljubljanica. You can find out more about boating (only € 10, children under 6 free) on the official website. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

And the perfect way to end the tour, just as it had started. Great fresh food. The street food landscape of Ljubljana was one of the many pleasant surprises of this majestic city, less than a 2-hour drive from Zagreb. This is a divine place. More information on the official website of the Ljubljana Tourism Agency.