Lille President: “De Laurentiis bewitched by Pepè. Ounas untied deal. I've been following Napoli since ... "

Lille President: “De Laurentiis bewitched by Pepè. Ounas untied deal. I've been following Napoli since ...

Pepè is close to Naples, the negotiation set up yesterday in Dimaro between Naples and the agents of the Ivorian proceeds at full speed. According to the latest rumors, Pepè accepted the Napoli offer without hesitation. news not confirmed by the president of Lille, Gerard Lopez.

The number one of the French club has released some statements to the newspaper Tuttosport. The president of Lille spoke about the negotiation for Pepè and admitted to following Napoli from the time of Maradona:

"At Pepé last year we asked to stay, with the promise that we would sell him in this market session, while for Leao the situation is different: we wanted to keep him again, but we decided to let him go because more requests came for him than for Pepé.

For Pepé we have received offers that satisfy us economically from 4 big clubs, while for Leao there are even 8 teams, 4 of which are Italian. Napoli asked for both. For Pépé only, De Laurentiis has met our request for 80 million.

We are interested in Ounas, but they are two separate operations. Going away via Pepé, Galtier needs an important footballer on the right side, just like Ounas we have known since he was at Bordeaux: he has always put us in difficulty “.

“I talked to De Laurentiis and I had the feeling that he was bewitched by Pépé. But I understand it, because we are talking about a player, special, almost unique, a right wing who scores goals like a 9.

In Europe I believe it is second only to Salah and it is rare to find items like them. He can also play as a center forward and we must say thanks to the technician Galtier, who placed him in the right way in the second half of last season. A statistic says that in the last 40 meters it is the top 3 among the decisive players: when he receives the ball in this area of ​​the field, he scores, or scores or receives a foul.

“I tell you that Napoli are among the teams I follow the most. Do you know why? Because I've always been a fan of Barcelona since Maradona was there. At 11 I cried when he left, for me it was like the end of the world.

From that moment I started following Napoli, a team that always reaches very high in the standings, with one of the most important coaches in the world of football. "

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