Lille coach Galtier irritated by Pepe move to Arsenal: "Thought he was going to Bayern"

Lille coach Galtier irritated by Pepe move to Arsenal: Thought he was going to Bayern

Nicolas Pepe's former coach was amazed when he switched to Arsenal. Christophe Galtier from Lille OSC had firmly assumed that the offensive player would switch to Bayern this summer.

Galtier, who has been head coach in Lille since 2017, sees the greater challenge in the Premier League: "There he will undoubtedly play in the league that is the most difficult, the most intense and the most rhythmic."

Due to the increased transfer fees, the clubs can make more and more profit. SPOX shows you which players have achieved the highest transfer winnings - the difference between the purchase and sale price.

25th place: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Borussia Dortmund bought the Gabonese from St. Etienne for 13 million euros. The striker went to Arsenal for 63.75 million euros - a profit of 50.75 million euros.

Place 24: Gonzalo Higuain. The SSC Napoli brought the Argentine from Real Madrid for 39 million euros. The Neapolitans Higuain sold to Juventus for a proud 90 million euros - a profit of 51 million euros.

23: Tanguy Ndombele. Tottenham Hotspur paid the midfielder 60 million euros this summer. Back then Olympique Lyon bought it for only 9 million euros - a profit of 51 million euros.

22nd place: John Stones. Everton FC bought Stones for 3.5 million from Barnsley. Manchester City turned over 55.6 million euros for the central defender - a profit of 52.1 million euros.

21st: Edison Cavani. As with Higuain, the SSC Napoli earned a golden nose and earned 64.5 million euros from the sale to PSG. Before that, the SSC only paid EUR 12 million to Palermo - a profit of EUR 52.5 million.

20th: Hernan Crespo. Parma Calcio picked it up from River Plate for 4.13 million euros and handed it over to Lazio Rome for 56.81 million euros - a profit of 52.68 million euros.

19th place: Luka Jovic. Real Madrid paid a proud 60 million euros to Eintracht Frankfurt. However, the SBU only paid 7 million euros to Benfica Lisbon - a profit of 53 million euros.

18th place: Kevin De Bruyne. VfL Wolfsburg grabbed the Belgian from Chelsea for 22 million euros and sold them on to Manchester City for 76 million euros - a profit of 54 million euros.

17th place: Alisson Becker. The keeper switched from Porto Alegre to AS Roma for 8 million euros and went to Liverpool FC for 62.5 million euros - a profit of 54.5 million.

16th: Anthony Martial. 5 million euros that AS Monaco paid to Olympique Lyon were followed by an impressive 60 million euros that Manchester United paid. A profit of 55 million euros.

15th place: Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan cost FC Barcelona 81.72 million euros. Liverpool FC only had to transfer € 26.5 million to Ajax Amsterdam - a profit of € 55.22 million.

14th place: Luis Figo. At that time, FC Barcelona had to pay a measly 2.5 million euros to Sporting Lisbon. For 60 million euros went to the arch enemy Real Madrid for the Portuguese - a profit of 57.5 million euros.

13th place: Kaka. Real Madrid had to turn over 67 million euros to AC Milan for the Brazilian. The Milanese, on the other hand, only paid 8.5 million euros - a profit of 58.5 million euros.

12th place: Eden Hazard. Real Madrid turned over 100 million euros to Chelsea for the Belgian. The blues, however, only paid 35 million to Lille OSC. A profit of 65 million euros.

10th place: Thomas Lemar. The AS Monaco had to pay the SC Caen only 4 million euros for the wing car. Lemar sold the Monegas for 70 million euros to Atletico Madrid - a profit of 66 million euros.

10th place: Antoine Griezmann. Griezmann switched to FC Barcelona for 120 million euros. Atletico also had to spend 54 million euros for the French - a profit of 66 million euros.

9th place: Riyad Mahrez. Leceister City only had to pay 500,000 euros to AC Le Havre and sold the Algerian to Manchester City for 67.8 million euros - a profit of 67.3 million euros.

8th place: Virgil van Dijk. Southampton brought the central defender of Celtic Glasgow for 15.7 million euros. Liverpool FC paid 84.65 million euros for the Dutchman - a profit of 68.95 million euros.

6th place: Zinedine Zidane. Juventus paid only 3.5 million euros to Girondins Bordeaux. Real Madrid then put 77.5 million euros on the table - a profit of 74 million euros.

5th place: Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United paid 19 million euros to Sporting Lisbon and received 94 million euros from the sale to Real Madrid - a profit of 75 million euros.

4th place: Gareth Bale. Tottenham Hotspur bought the Welsh from Southampton for 14.7 million euros. Real Madrid then paid 101 million euros - a profit of 86.3 million.

3rd place: Ousmane Dembele. BVB bought the French for 15 million from Stade Rennes. Dembele then went on to strike at FC Barcelona, ​​which paid € 125 million - a profit of € 110 million.

2nd place: Philippe Coutinho. FC Barcelona paid Liverpool € 145 million for the kicker. The Reds, on the other hand, only had to pay 13 million euros - a profit of 132 million euros.

1st place: Neymar. The world's most expensive footballer was bought by PSG for 222 million. FC Barcelona previously paid 88.2 million euros - a profit of 133.8 million euros.

A commitment at Bayern would have had a decisive advantage for Pepe: "He will not have the pleasure of getting to know the joy of the Champions League," said Galtier. Arsenal could only qualify for the Europa League next season.

For a long time, Nicolas Pepe was the preferred candidate for Uli Hoeneß and FC Bayern Munich. There the 24-year-old could have given a suitable successor for Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery.

According to media reports, the Bavarians were beaten by a record offer by the Gunners, who finally brought the Ivorian to England for 80 million euros. Last season he scored 22 goals and eleven assists for Lille in 38 games.

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