"Lille as Testaccio": the feast of Romanists from all over Europe before the friendly

Lille as Testaccio: the feast of Romanists from all over Europe before the friendly

"I miss Testaccio oh!" He speaks Roman, with a French accent, a good part of the more than one hundred Romanists who last Saturday from 10.30 in the morning met at the "Roma Roma" pizzeria in Lille to start animating a day that is not common in their parts. Some from Lille and its surroundings, some from Paris, some from Nantes, some from Belgium and Luxembourg, some from Rome: there are many, many more than you would expect for a friendly so far away, several hours before the game. Larry, the president of the Roma Club Lille, is proud of his home: «Tell me how many times have you gone to a big capital on vacation and have you had to follow Roma in a Roma Club? Tell me who has a seat like this! ».

The question, rhetoric, says it all about a space that is yellow and red in every corner. Outside, the facade on the street is adorned with three large murals dedicated to Totti, De Rossi and Candela. "It's our pride," continues Larry, who uncorks beers and cuts pizza slices from the counter for the dozens of hungry and thirsty fans. You eat, drink, take photos and sing. Some people meet again after a long time: "I didn't catch you from Porto-Roma!" Someone shouts. Larry wanders around the place with an XL-size bottle of Caffè Borghetti, the kind they give only to the locals.

At the center of the pizzeria there is a strange sign on the ground: it is like a long patch of adhesive tape, with some inscriptions on it: "There was a wall there," Larry explains, "but with Manolas' goal in Rome-Barcelona it is came down because of collective exultation. I decided not to rebuild it, but to leave this void in memory of that wonderful evening ». Above there is an inscription made with a marker: "This wall has fallen, like the Barça". A magical night also remembered by the first page of "L'Equipe" hanging on the wall: «Romantada». There is also another first page on the wall, more familiar: it is that of "Il Romanista" of 19 November 2017, titled «YouPorn»: who was there knows, who does not know if he goes looking for him.

The assorted Giallorossi clan continues to heat the environment until about two hours before the game, when the cars also welcome those who came with the vehicles and, scarves out the window, reach the "Pierre Mauroy" to fill most of the sector yellow Red. Among them there is also Sylvestre, vice president of the Roma Club Lille: «We are not all from Lille, for example I live 40 km from here. But we like to see Rome together, rather than being alone at home. " Ettore and Roberta, of the Roma Club Bruxelles, are also in Lille: she is from Porta Metronia (!) And works in Brussels, he is Belgian but has Italian origins: «Whoever comes on vacation there, contact us!». Who knows where the big family of Giallorossi from all over Europe will find themselves next time.

"We were many to cheer on Rome, but we were a little scattered, so we decided to create the club to feel more united". These are the words of Stefano Petrassi ch

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You had to be there. Because certain moments are difficult to report with simple words. Certain moments must be lived with the heart, the skin, the soul, there was a need for them

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