In Lille, they will open their vegetable cheese shop

In Lille, they will open their vegetable cheese shop

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This is a small revolution in the world of gastronomy. The first “vromagerie & nbsp;” in France will soon open its doors in Lille (Nord). Located a stone's throw from Les Halles de Wazemmes, you can buy "vromages" there, also called vegetable cheeses or vegans. Cow or goat milk is replaced by cashew or sunflower seeds. & Nbsp;

Behind this concept which tends to democratize, with the explosion of consumption modes excluding any product of animal origin, we find Pistachio and Peanut, which we had already presented to you here. After launching their e-commerce site and multiplying the tastings with the general public, Laurette Aubaret (Peanut) and Laurent Décamps (Pistache) are almost ready for the grand inauguration.

Almost ready because, even if they have the room located at 2 Place Nouvelle Aventure, they have to roll up their sleeves to carry out the necessary work. To make this place welcoming, the couple launched a crowdfunding campaign to include foodies in their project. For generous donors, great rewards are provided, starting at 10 euros!

But by the way, what will this vromagerie look like? As in a classic dairy, you can order by the cup or retail cheese alternatives. In all, Pistachio and Peanut has 150 references in the catalog but will only offer 50 in stores. The selection will change depending on arrivals and the season. & Nbsp;

However, we should find throughout the year the brand's bestseller: Petit Lorrain, manufactured by Petit Veganne, a "creator of plant specialties" based in Moselle. "& Nbsp; An alternative to the bluffing Camembert, a mellowness, a taste, a creaminess and an incomparable sweetness & nbsp;", details Pistachio and Peanut. & Nbsp;

During the previous tastings, we had quite a few people who came with vegan or lactose intolerant friends. They were very curious. And after tasting the vromages, they were all pleasantly surprised. You can find the taste of cheese thanks to the work that is done on the materials. And people are really amazed. "

In addition to the vromages, the shop will offer vegetable charcuterie (sausages, hams, terrines, etc.) as well as vegan labeled wine bottles (the milk casein which is used to filter has been replaced by pea protein).

Customers can taste all these victuals to take away or on the spot. Because at Pistache and Cacahuète, there will be a space set up to sit, "& nbsp; a dozen places inside and 12 on the terrace & nbsp;" explains Laurent.

The goal is to come and have an aperitif. But due to constraints, we will not be able to open in the evening. So we will continue to organize evenings with restaurateurs like Sauge to taste our products. & Nbsp; "

Pending the expected opening in early 2020, several tasting sessions will be organized in the bars and restaurants of the Lille metropolis. Laurette and Laurent will also be on the Wazemmes and Vieux-Lille markets to publicize their products which they hope to democratize among consumers.

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