Have we signed with Lille for € 5 million?

Have we signed with Lille for € 5 million?

Bursaspor's young goalkeeper Muhammed Şengezer, who made his first game in the previous season, started to shine this season after he transferred to Harun Tekin Fenerbahçe. & Nbsp; Okan & nbsp; shown as the first goalkeeper, 22-year-old & nbsp; Muhammed, who cut even Koker in many matches, entered the radar of the 3 grown-ups. However, Lille held her hand again quickly. It has been learned that the French club, which has been following the 1.92 young guard for a long time, has agreed with Bursaspor in principle. Lille will connect Muhammad to his colors as soon as the season is over. The number spoken in the backstage is over 5 million Euros.

Turkey Muhammad, who served in the National Team All small age category, is now preparing to become National. It was learned that Şenol Güneş had followed the 22-year-old successful goalkeeper closely and would call the squad in the mid-term even if he was not playing this month.

The maximum figure that Ali Ayin can sell a player is 2-2.5 million! Messi and Ronaldo couldn't sell it! It takes skill to sell it like buying a football player! Do you have this skill Ali Ayda? Playing Gs 10 mac, Ozani sold 10 million, and Alanya in the same way Merihi sold 7 million! Ertugrul has better experience of playing both league and even though the ages are not much different! Let's see Ali Ali Ertugrulu sell it to 3! Can not sell, as I said, who does not know how to buy, can not know how to sell !!!

Brother, the numbers are completely unrealistic before we play in the European Cups. In our case, 5 million yuro is very good money. I think we should have a handshake and sign when there is Okan. You see, it is understood to send an amount of the testimonial immediately.

We need a salesman who works with his head. Like Furkan Soyalp. If Yav does not hold stitches, if he does not get a chance to form, why is he not sold anymore. According to rumors, they had suitors. My brother sell 200-500 thousand. I wrote the same three years ago. What debt panic? Sell ​​three or four Ozan Flood is not in debt. If there is a job in the management, you almost exclude the A team's expenses from the sales of Vakıfköy every year.

I am a friend of Ersel Uzgur. I am Bursasporlu to be counted as a fanatic. During my life, I saw 3 very good local goalkeepers in Bursaspor. Three of them are precious from each other. We sell them in order. Free of charge.

"" Muhammad entered the radar of "the 3 great". When you say “” ”? What kind of change do we expect from Istanbul while you are reporting in this way? If the copy and paste news is published without reading or "being read carefully"? Have one big room for us, Bursaspor in mind

The situation of the team is in the middle. What should we do in order not to fall ... let's look at it .. now it is not the transfer time..the goalkeepers are more experience.

In my opinion, Sehiç, the goalkeeper of Erzurum, who is the first form goalkeeper of the league, is making incredible saves, and the penalty was released last week…. The second goalkeeper, Farnolle, Malatyaspor's black goalkeeper ... took off so many goals that an incredible super goalkeeper reflexes are awesome ...

Leave the team in the league first. Then every Bursaspor child deserves to have a good career. The opportunity to go and make us all proud should be given. Anyway, 6-7 million Euros, we open the way, which makes us proud.