Eden Hazard Daily Mirror interview cigarettes burgers Real Madrid FC Barcelona Lille Paris Saint-Germain (sport.tvp.pl)

Eden Hazard Daily Mirror interview cigarettes burgers Real Madrid FC Barcelona Lille Paris Saint-Germain (sport.tvp.pl)

In this era, almost all the best players set an example - they eat properly, are not famous for partying, and devote their free time primarily to training. Eden Hazard broke free from the ranks, and in a rather specific interview to the Daily Mirror confessed to a few sins.

Readers of the Daily Mirror asked Belgian questions to be answered honestly. "What if you could be Cristiano Ronaldo for one day," was the first of them. "It would be fantastic to reach this level of excellence, I think it would be a great experience," Hazard admitted.

"Yes, it's true, I don't like defending," Belgian said about what he doesn't like about football. - Alcohol? If I had to choose between beer or wine, it would probably be the first. But I am also happy with a glass of good red wine, especially of the Bordeaux type - Hazard said.

Fans also asked a helper about culinary matters. - I could eat three little burgers. For larger ones I would have to say stop on the third play - he answered. The Belgian was also honest about the drugs. - Yes, I smoked cigarettes - he did not hide.

Of course, there was the issue of club sympathies. - Real Madrid or FC Barcelona? Both are two big teams - said Belgian, while making an "eye". - Lille or Paris Saint-Germain? Of course, this is the first - the helper answered the next question. - Kylian Mbappe or Neymar? If I have to choose, I will bet on the first one because I know him privately - argued Hazard.

The player is already planning the end of a football adventure. "Certain things may change, but I doubt I'd spend the last years on the pitch in Major League Soccer in the United States," Hazard revealed. - I have always said that I want to end my career in Belgium. However, I think it is hard to imagine now - he concluded.

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