Comarch can become a sponsor of the French Lille - Puls Biznesu -

Comarch can become a sponsor of the French Lille - Puls Biznesu -

Comarch, which is currently the majority shareholder and sponsor of Cracovia, does not exclude the possibility that & nbsp; will also become a sponsor of French Lille.

- I was recently - & nbsp; in December at a match in Lille. They want us to be a sponsor. We do not exclude this, they are the second team of the French league & nbsp; - said Janusz Filipiak, President of Comarch at Tuesday's press conference.

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Cash from the & nbsp; cash register of the anti-corruption service headquarters could have been led for a long time. Following her, the CBA covered the bookmaker with & nbsp; irregularities

The current needs prompted the head of the supervisory board to sell the company's shares for PLN 66.5 million. A few days later, the Vice President responsible for the key business segment resigned

Office buildings investing in & nbsp; are looking for older buildings, and & nbsp; previously interested in galleries are turning to & nbsp; warehouses.

- I was waiting for a bear market. On this particular after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Hossa is & nbsp; it's not the water I like swimming best. In our company, we have other DNA, strategies that elude market trends - says Piotr Osiecki, the largest shareholder and president of Altus TFI, explaining why a few years ago he left the large PZU fund smoothly & nbsp; We are sitting on the fourth floor of an old tenement house in the center of Warsaw, about a kilometer from & nbsp; shaken by the negative volatility of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. To & nbsp; here the Altus team is experiencing their long bull market. The DNA imposed by Osiecki emerges from all sides, on the facade genetic asceticism is even falling off. The headquarters of one of the most profitable ventures on the financial market in Poland in recent years has been stripped of the cost of madness. This is what a medium-successful accounting office looks like. & Nbsp; parking lot? No maserati, bentleys in flashy colors and & nbsp; And & nbsp; after all, & nbsp; Altus the best managers earn more than the CEOs of the largest banks thanks to several million bonuses annually. - This & nbsp; is our gen. Subdued style, without too much. I hate wastefulness ...

Couriers, driven by online stores, every year carry more packages and have more money. According to PwC, the value of the KEP market (i.e. courier, express and parcel shipments) will reach & nbsp; this year in Poland & nbsp; PLN 5.13 billion. This means & nbsp; an increase of & nbsp; 14 percent. in & nbsp; versus & nbsp; 2015 & nbsp; inhibition in & nbsp; is not expected in the near future - PwC expects that & nbsp; at least until & nbsp; at least until 2018, the industry will grow at a double-digit rate. No wonder then that & nbsp; there are more and more willing to take at least a piece of this cake. - The idea for & nbsp; business was born gradually. First, while working in a different industry, we used the services of a friend who runs a courier point. After & nbsp; we asked ourselves some time: why not try with your own? We did a competition for a name, we came up with a logo for this - and & nbsp; it caught on - says Kamil Kik, the managing owner of Pakersó, a company originating from Wrocław which builds a nationwide network of franchise points. Currently ​​have 50 & nbsp; franchise points in & nbsp; almost all provinces. - Our plan assumes 4 & nbsp; new branches every month. I think & nbsp; along with the consolidation of the courier market to consolidate ...

If Krzysztof Kuich sent the media information "I set up a personal consulting company", probably the proverbial dog with a lame leg would not be interested in it. Similarly, if he would stop with the & nbsp; sentence "I quit my job in a corporation to make my dream come true" - how many others did it & nbsp; So he came up with something more interesting: he will set a new record with an & nbsp; Guinness Book entry and & nbsp; it won't be & nbsp; something classic. Rather, something like: I will dive into a lake with a deck of shuffled cards in my hand, on one breath, I will try to remember their arrangement, swim out on the surface and recreate their arrangement on the new deck & nbsp; & Nbsp; time. Crazy? Original? Yes. Just like dreams, Krzysztof Kuich wants to help future clients. His OGARsystem company, currently testing the product on & nbsp; potential recipients, will deal with coaching based on the program he invented. Why did he choose such an original promotion method? - I want to break the & nbsp; status quo of gray and & nbsp; asexual life. I want to prove to people that dreams are & nbsp; in order to make them & nbsp; no matter how they are ...