An unusual move. Ajax for the match with Lille will be the "alternative" means of transport

An unusual move. Ajax for the match with Lille will be the alternative means of transport

Traveling has never been easier. Gone are the times when expeditions to matches were associated with several days of planning, great danger and zero comfort. You get on, fly, you are - easy, fast and pleasant.

In addition to airplanes, the clubs also have their luxurious buses, which take players to matches that take place in the near distance. "Why complicate it?" - one would like to ask.

Ajax decided to make the journey a medium. The would-be finalist of the previous edition of the Champions League announced that he would not go to the fifth round of the group stage of the Champions League either by air or by extensive roads. Instead, a train was chosen.

In this way, the club wants to set a good example in these "climate-conscious times" and show that it is not always necessary to choose means of transport damaging the environment by emissions. Another thing is that the opportunity for such a move has come true. To Lille, where Ajax will play the match on November 27, from Amsterdam it is only about 300 kilometers.

We dare say that if it was a trip to, for example, Italy or Spain, nobody would be so "sacrificed". After all, we appreciate the gesture, maybe thanks to him some people will decide to go on a short route not by car, but by a friendlier environment by train.

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