A yellow and red heart beats in Lille: "We can't wait to see Rome at home"

A yellow and red heart beats in Lille: We can't wait to see Rome at home

The Roma Club Lille, the city where Fonseca's men will play next August 3, & nbsp; has decided to dedicate the facade of its headquarters in the French city to three yellow and red icons. The boys of the Roma Club concluded the works on July 7th and were eager to inaugurate their new headquarters. On the wall you can see, from left to right, Vincent Candela, Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi, & nbsp; beyond the club logo.

"Regarding the wall - the boys say - I think the & nbsp; murals are unique. Before exactly there we had made a logo dedicated to Totti in the year of his retirement; there was he who exulted making the selfie after the goal in the derby. Then Daniele's retreat also came and there was nothing we could do. The painter showed us a realistic model and it was very beautiful, but he didn't follow our first painting on Francesco anymore, so we decided to do the whole wall with the same style. So we had Totti and De Rossi, but there are still two small places. In this way we thought that nobody could represent us better than Vincent Candela, French and with a Roman heart. The last place was then occupied by the logo of our group. ".

On Saturday 3 August Roma will play their second friendly match right in the city of Lille, thus making all the French fans excited that they were looking forward to meeting their favorites. "That day we will open our headquarters from 10:30 in the morning and will keep it open even after the end of the game. & Nbsp; We have already been contacted by many fans & nbsp; Giallorossi, not only Italians. We look forward to this day , it's going to be a big party. Seeing & nbsp; playing Rome at home is amazing & nbsp; "

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