25th Women's Town Festival #HerStory, Ljubljana & amp; Maribor until October 13

25th Women's Town Festival #HerStory, Ljubljana & amp; Maribor until October 13

STA, September 24, 2019 - The International Contemporary Art Festival "City of Women 25" (Mesto Žensk) will start on October 1; As a prelude to the opening of the festival, there will be a series of events that will begin tonight (Monday, September 24) with the Cheers to Women exhibition - 25 years of film and video.

The exhibition will be opened at the Alte Cutting Gallery at the Metelkova Mesto Center for Alternative Arts, focusing on the creative endeavors of Slovenian female film and video artists.

Until October 13, the feminist festival takes place under the slogan #HerStory, a punt that refers to the history of women, often forgotten or deleted, but also to women's stories.

The event will take place in 18 venues and will have 160 participants, said program director Teja Reba at today's press conference, stressing that Maribor and Zagreb will also spread this year.

"We are not talking about a special part of history that only affects women, but a part of general history that is not, because most events in the past have been valued by men," Reba said.

According to the woman, the time has come for "some feminist revisionism - a feminist reinterpretation of facts, events and traditions". Thus, the aim of the festival is to "make visible everything that has been overlooked, muted and repressed".

The program recalls the festival's past achievements, but also looks to the future, promoting future female artists and art collectives, and challenges contemporary forms of artistic expression, organizers said.

Highlights include a film marathon for Slovenian female filmmakers and video artists in Slovenian cinematography and an opening performance of the famous German theater collective She She Pop, which also celebrates its 25th anniversary at the Ljubljana Mladinsko Theater (SMG).

The legendary duo, who received this year's prestigious Theatrepreis Berlin theater prize, will present to Drawers a performance about the reunification of Germany, viewed through the eyes of West and East Berlin women.

Eva D. Bahovec, Honorary President of the Festival and Professor of the Faculty of Art, said that the University of Ljubljana is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and that the City of Women is organizing a regional symposium in Simone de Beauvoir to mark its 70th anniversary. work Second sex.

The artist for this year's festival is Alicja Rogalska, a Polish-British artist dedicated to researching expelled people who lost their citizenship after Slovenia declared independence in 1991.

His exhibition "Types of Pressure" in the Škuc Gallery analyzes the global working conditions of capitalism and its dehumanizing effect, but the artist's discussion at the opening of the exhibition also concerns his research on the deleted and how to talk about the identity that was taken away.

This year, the City of Women was awarded the European Cultural Fund's annual cultural prize, Princess Margriet. The award, which honors the festival's achievements in supporting women in culture and its cross-cutting feminist approach, will be presented on October 2 in Amsterdam.