10 things to do in Ljubljana Independent

10 things to do in Ljubljana Independent

The Slovenian capital may be compact, but it does not prevent & nbsp; a leafy, beautiful Ljubljana from pack to pack when it comes to seeing and doing things. Here are 10 experiences, & nbsp; which you will not miss while traveling.

The towers of Ljubljana Castle are located on a hilltop above the city - probably what made it an attractive place for the fortress. Although there is a cable car to get visitors back and forth, hike through the forest on a properly signed path if you have a spring. The observation tower offers phenomenal 360-degree views, a 'virtual castle' movie, a chapel and an exhibition of penal institutions on the building's history, plus two on-site museums and restaurants with city views. Open June to September 9-21; shorter opening hours for the rest of the year. Admission € 13 (£ 12) (includes round trip) or free with Ljubljana Card (as with most other activities included in this work).

Explore the blue-green waters of the Ljubljanica River on a Bananaway Vertical Paddle Sitting (SUP) Excursion. Participants can choose between a "city" SUP tour that takes them through the heart of the city or a "nature" SUP tour that departs from the city and ends in the countryside within a five-minute paddle. The kit includes all the equipment, manuals and a SUP introduction. (Just be warned - when it rains, excursions can be canceled.) Two-hour tour: € 39 / day.

Launched a year ago, the quirky mustache tour takes visitors on a journey around the city, capturing Ljubljana's three most prominent facial haired men: Joze Plecnik (architect), Ivan Cankar (writer) and Rihard Jakopic (artist). Explore the city's best sights, drink hot tea with rum and even get a free, fun mustache T-shirt on this twisting bike tour. Price 45 € includes bike rental, guide, drink and cake and a quick tour of six attractions. Open every Friday at 3pm, lasting three to four hours.

Looking for a weird hour? The Museum of Illusion is both fun and ridiculous, offering a wealth of three-story interactive exhibitions, many designed to capture the smartphone. It ends with a brainstorming tunnel and a series of brain-exploding puzzles that remind you why Mensa never tried to become a member. Open Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm; admission € 9.50.

Click up on the Museum of Modern Art, which is a really lovely place to cheer and appreciate art. It is dedicated to 20th century Slovenian contemporary art and has a terrific cafe in the basement. Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 6pm; admission 5 €. & nbsp;

Elsewhere, the International Graphic Center boasts a proud location in Tivoli Park, displaying Slovenia's largest collection of modern art and original editions - over 10,000. Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 6pm; admission 5 €.

Struklji - hefty baked rolls of white bread - is a real Slovenian favorite. They come in sweet or salty varieties, wrapped in layers of dough with different spices and topped with breadcrumbs. Tarragon is typical, but make sure you follow this dessert with a strukley like raspberry or blueberry. & Nbsp;

Swing by the Union next to Tivoli Park for home brewing. It is located on the site of the 155-year-old Union Brewery and some of the slippery they offer is not found anywhere else in the city. Don't miss the brewery tour - the 90-minute experience is brilliant, introducing you to the entire brewing process, offering generous union lager and amber beer at all times; 14 €.

Tivoli Park is the largest in Ljubljana, reaching a whopping 5sq km. Designed in 1813 by French engineer Jean Blanchard. It was created by combining the parks surrounding Podnurn and Cekin Mansion. & Nbsp;

These days, it attracts locals as well as visitors with horse chestnut-lined walks, landscaped flower beds, outdoor galleries, and numerous statues and fountains. There are several trails for hiking and the park also includes Mount Roznik, at the top of which is an 18th-century visitor pink church and the sanctuary of the famous Slovenian writer Ivan Canker.

Pogacar Square hosts a cuisine open every Friday, featuring the cuisine of some of the city's best restaurants. Buy street food from top Slovenian chefs for live music. Open from mid-March to October, weather permitting.

Just a 40-minute drive from the city, two hard-to-reach attractions are in one place: the famous Postojna Cave and the Jamaican Secret Rooms, a new experience for the year. The latter is a fun interactive tour of a hidden communication center dating back to the time when the country belonged to the former Yugoslavia, until the hotel was renovated in 2016. The guide is a guide who hides the secret service element, the experience is high-tech and truly immersive. Warning: Walls have ears. The trips last 90 minutes and cost 25 euros.